Rehab & Rental Lending

SIC Funds will loan up to 85-100% of your purchase & 100 % of your rehab loan costs in most states if you have over a 600 credit score and solid cash reserves. SIC can provide capital with a credit score under 600 if you are a seasoned investor or have strong cash reserves. Rehab your investment property and then roll into a rental loan with SIC today. Save time and money on costs by partnering with us long term as a new or experienced investor or builder. Small loans or large loans. 1 property or over 10 we are here to serve everyone.

New Construction

Loans available to builders up to 90% LTC on vertical construction and 75% of lot purchase. Loans available in most states , with excellent or less than perfect credit. Large developments, spec, custom, in-fill and owner occupied pending approval. Loans from 75k and up. Large land loans available at 50-60 % LTV.

Lines of Credit

Business owners, investors, and builders access unsecured and secured business lines quickly. 680-700 mid credit score required with no BK, foreclosure ect on credit profile. Stated income business lines with no restriction on use. (buy supplies, pay contractors, marketing, pay-roll, buy property like cash fast, ect) Most business lines do no report to your personal credit report so not to lower your credit score with to much debt reporting. Personal Terms loans up to 300k with a 5-7 length of term. UP to 75-90 % LTV 2nd HELOC pawtners program in WI-IN-IL~MI-OH-PA-KY-WV-for owner occupied and non-owner occupied sfh & 2-4 flats.

Small Business Loans

Fast small business loans with limited paperwork can be used for most small business purposes such as payroll, equipment, marketing, etc. SIC Funds provides lines of credit, terms loans, equipment finance, invoice for factoring, merchant cash advance and startup loans.

SBA Commercial Lending

SIC Funds small business lending division is a preferred choice for many businesses. SIC Funds specializes in a variety of SBA loan programs:

  • SBA7a
  • SBA504, USDA & Equipment Finance
  • Up to 90% Finance
  • Up to 30 year term
  • Competitive rates
  • Ground up new construction
  • Export capital
  • Physicians capital
  • Manufacturing capital
  • Franchise Restaurant
  • Gas stations/Auto Repair
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family
  • Assisted Living